Monday, November 20, 2006

Our President

Received this from several military families today ... and it's being circulated around the Armory. That says a lot.


Phriendly Jaime said...

Obviously, I disagree. I think our troops deserve a lot more prayers than the guy NOT in harm's way.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

You missed the point, Jamie. The request for prayer for the President was sent by military families ... who obviously disagree with you.

Leaders need prayer, too, because the decisions they make will affect many. President Bush's decisions about the war are due to his responsibility for the safety of the American people.

Respect the office even if you don't respect the man ... that's what I taught my children during the Bill Clinton years.

Phriendly Jaime said...

OK-at the risk of having you totally delete my comment bc I don't agree with you, what do you think of this from March 2003?

Troops are asked to pray for POTUS

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that troops and their families are circulating that at all.

I have eight very close friends who are either in Iraq now or have been recently. They all support the President - and they believe in what they are doing over there.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...
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Lynn R. Mitchell said...

RWA, please thank your friends for their service to our country. You back up what I'm trying to say to Jaime.

Jaime, what of the link you posted? Private religious organization provided the pamphlets, they were distributed to the Marines, and they were free to do as they wished with them. I'd like to hear the Marines' side of the story since I've learned to be suspect of MSM articles that tend to slant the truth.

I know Marines and, trust me, they back our President. That goes for the Army guys I know, too.

And lest we not forget ... this is a volunteer military. These men and women joined because of patriotism. They weren't forced, they weren't drafted. Read about Nate, my 21-year-old home schooler who joined the Marines after high school. He wanted to help protect this country. I have a friend and neighbor who is 47 years old and is in Baghdad with the Army Reserve. He reenlisted after 9/11 because he wanted to protect this country.

Perhaps it would help if those against the war visited with soldiers, the majority of who agree with what we're doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and talked with them.

You can't be for the troops but against the war. It doesn't work that way. Everytime someone steps a foot into the streets to protest the war, it's demoralizing to our troops because that is what is shown in the MSM ... and it gives the feeling that all Americans feel that way which is not true, no matter what the polls or MSM try to tell us.

This is exactly what happened during Vietnam. We lost the war on the homefront because of the MSM and anti-war protesters. Our soldiers felt isolated.

We cannot let that happen again. My husband was in Southeast Asia during Vietnam. Many men around this area were in Vietnam. My neighbor across the street was a "tunnet rat" during Vietnam ... he was small-framed so was sent into the Vietnamese tunnels to check for the enemy.

Our men were ostricized when they returned to the U.S. They were pelted with feces, food, whatever protesters could find, and called baby killers. They were told by the military not to travel in their uniforms because it was too dangerous ... in America! Something is terribly wrong with that picture.

That is what will happen again if we keep on this path of protesting the war and blaming the President for everything that goes wrong. If you know WW II history you know there were mistakes and lives were lost. It's the cost of war. And, no, no one wants to lose our soldiers ... but we don't want terrorism on our shores either.

If we don't stand up to terrorism, we are doomed. They want to kill us just because of who we are. They don't want to talk about it, they don't want to get along ... they have a jihad to kill us. Period. They are brainwashed from the time they are born to hate America.

President Bush was faced with a terrible situation on 9/11. Our country suffered the worst attack ever on our own soil. It could not go unanswered.

Leadership sometimes demands that we do things that are not popular. We have to do things that are right. That's what our President has done to keep us safe the past five years.

Phriendly Jaime said...

I cannot believe I came over here and took the time to comment to you and you refuse to post my comment bc we disagree and I am RIGHT. I will now post your comments on MY blog, much more frequented than yours.

Anonymous said...

Why do people insist on giving OUR President flack. The post was simple, say a prayer for the leader of our country! As a retired military individual, I pray for him daily to make the right decisions to keep US americans safe. He, along with the majority of congress agreed upon what has been started. So now, let him gather the strength to see it trough!

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand what is so hard for some people to understand that this post is all about. Clearly it was to point out that military families wanted to show gratitude towards OUR President. As a retired military member, I pray for OUR President every day. I pray to give him the strength to lead OUR country into peace and to do what is right so that WE do not have face the enemies of OUR country on our soil ever again. I want my kids and their kids to grow up free and to enjoy the freedom most of Americans take for granted. SWAC Girl, thanks for the post! GOD BLESS AMERICA!


The Squeaky Wheel said...

Keep up the good work here!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I do not take to threats, Un-phriendly Jaime. Your behavior shows a glaring lack of maturity.

Let's look at this ... you posted on my site at 9:30 Monday night. You then followed up with the above comment at 7:30 Tuesday morning. Impatient little thing, aren't you?

In case you haven't noticed, it is Thanksgiving week and some of us have other things going on in our lives besides blogging. It's been a busy week with family. I would have published your comment this morning just as I did all the others I had received since Monday ... except you followed it up with the above threat.

Threatening me will not make me let you get your way. Therefore, you are welcome to stay in your part of the blogosphere and I'll stay in mine.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Anonymous and Squeaky Wheel, thank you. You understood the simplicity of the post ... and you get it.

Anonymous, thank you for your service to our country. You are one of our heroes.

cafe de emporia said...

Phriendly Jaime,

I read your link about praying for the President and my reaction is..... well YEA!

I don't really see anything wrong with Christians praying for the man who is trying to lead an entire country through a rough time of war. He needs not only the support and prayers of the troops but also of the general public at home.

He is getting them, too.

Anonymous said...

"We need to pray that God gives him the guidance he needs to do his job effectively."

Now that's something I will pray for, since so far, it doesn't appear that God has done so.

Happy Thanksgiving :)