Thursday, November 30, 2006

Moderated blog comments....

I see where The Ward View had to censor a profanity-laced comment posted to his blog.

I've had that problem, United Conservatives of Virginia has had that problem, and I've heard several other conservative bloggers comment about receiving such trash.

Why can't the libs express themselves in decent, rational, debate-style language? Is it a generational thing? Is that type of language so common to liberal twenty-somethings that they don't even stop to think about what they're typing?

I am surrounded by conservative twenty-somethings ... including my own children ages 19 & 22 ... and that languge is not in their vocabulary. Thank goodness.

Perhaps it's the 60s again ... the conservative youth vs. the angry lefty youth. The angry lefty ones are the loudest so we hear them more than the ones who go about their business, attend school, and go to work everyday.

The way the lefty ones express themselves is often in trashy language ... such as the anti-Bush crowd in Richmond in October when President Bush attended a fund raiser with George Allen.

For more on that crowd check SWAC Girl's post, "President Bush visits Richmond."

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Anonymous said...

I believe that as we witness this vulgar, barbaric vocabulary we are seeing the true nature of the leftist. They are truly angry, truly uneducated (although a self proclaimed elitist), and have an inward desire to be in consort with their heroes, the ghetto dweller and incarcerated felon. As this lack of language and thinking skills permeates, from both the ghetto and the prison, from angry uneducated individuals residing there in. Especially since the perception leftists exude in their exposition and presentation of such foul and self-degrading language is the pride at being the fount of such sewage. Little do they know that as the eyes are the windows of the mind the mouth is the portal of the soul and in these cases the garbage which flows from within.