Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mainstream media's help in defeating George Allen

Jerry Fuhrman over at "From On High" has an excellent post titled "A Macaca Postmortem" which backs up allegations that the mainstream media had a huge hand in the defeat of Senator George Allen, something I wrote about several days ago on SWAC Girl. He opined:

But the Post found it acceptable to run 100 articles and editorials on the subject of macaca and its implications of racism and bigotry. Anyone who thinks the active effort on the part of the Post and most every other newspaper connected to the commonwealth to promote the macaca story, to blow it completely out of proportion (it wasn't even a word prior to Allen's utterance), and, in doing so, to derail the Allen campaign, didn't in itself bring about Allen's defeat, is blind.

Our battle is not with our democrat opponents ... our battle is with the mainstream media. It's time for us to realize that once and for all ... and act - or react - accordingly.


Jim McCloskey said...

While I would agree that the "Mainstream Media" has strong liberal tendencies, the Senator's fall was hari-kari. The videotaped rebuke of the Webb staffer undoubtedly swayed many Virginia voters and wasn't a film the Post had to manufacture.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

While I'll agree the Post didn't have to manufacture the film, they were not "fair and balanced" by running 100 stories and editorials about the subject. This is what I mean about bias ... where was the fair and equal treatment of Jim Webb? There was a clear agenda and the Post, knowing Northern Virginia has the vote power to overcome the rest of Virginia, made sure to keep a continuous fire going in that part of the state. "Macaca"? A made-up word that would have received absolutely no air play if Jim Webb had spoken it. See "America ... what have you done?" ( elsewhere on SWAC Girl.

James Atticus Bowden said...

The MSM is always going to be against you. Reagan communicated through them anyway because he is message was so clear and postitive.

Expect the MSM to do everything they can to make Conservatives lose.

The MSM was against the Marriage Amendment and the NO crowd outspent Yes for Marriage 3:1. Yet, Conservatives won.

George Allen would have loved to win with the numbers marriage won.

I blogged the stats on my site, Deo Vindice and Bacon's Rebelllion that in my #1 competitor for most conservative city in Virginia, George ran 500 votes behind our super-Conservative Congresslady.

Plan on the MSM campaigning against Conservatives.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

The MSM will campaign against conservatives as long as they are in dominance. However, as conservative media outlets become more prominent - look at Fox News Channel - and as our conservative young people begin to fill in those jobs in journalism, education, and law, I see a shift down the road. It will take a while but I believe it eventually will happen.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you about Fox News. I am also a Republican and very disappointed about this race, but Fox news has been losing viewers for a while now. BOTH parties and ALL media must get back to the center if we want to succeed at anything.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Anonymous, I disagree.

I am a Republican but I am NOT center (which translates to "moderate" to me) - I am conservative. The media needs to be center - that's supposed to be their job - but political parties are made up of people of various beliefs. If we were all "center" there would be no difference between any of us.

As to Fox News ... I've not heard any statistics that they have lost viewers; if anything, I hear where they keep gaining audience. Not that I agree with them all the time ... I would love to see more coverage of positive news about the war in Iraq, our President, the economy, etc.

Anonymous said...

Should the media, Fox included, not allowed the conservatives that predicted Allen to lose have been heard? There were quite a few that saw Allen's chances slipping away, are they not REAL conservatives, or did the MSM only allow them on because if fit their agenda?

Turncoats if you ask me!