Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Baby congrats to Shaun Kenney

Congratulations to Shaun Kenney and family with the arrival of Marie Grace Kenney!

Little ones make us reevaluate ourselves and we suddenly realize there is someone in this world we care about more than ourselves in a way no one will ever know who has never had a child. I can't even describe the feeling of holding that tiny newborn baby in your arms for the first time and being overcome with an overwhelming sense of love.

It will be busy in the Kenney household now ... but take it from someone whose "baby" is now 19 years old ... it's true what they say about the years passing quickly. They will be young adults before you know it!



Jason Kenney said...

Busier. I don't envy him in thirteen years when he'll have two teenage girls on his hands. Yikes!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Jason, I know what you mean! My children are 19 (girl) and 22 (boy) so for a while we had two teens at home. Right now we have both in college - that's financially worse than two teens - but at least one graduates from JMU in the spring! Congrats to you, too - being an uncle (or aunt) is fun, fun, fun. :)