Thursday, June 19, 2008

8 red state cities are in top 10 "best places to live and work"

Kiplinger has come out with its Top 10 best cities in which to work and live. They previewed the list with the criteria used to select locations:
Our approach this year to picking the ten best cities in which to live and work was simple: Look for places with strong economies and abundant jobs, then demand reasonable living costs and plenty of fun things to do. When we ran the numbers, some of the names that popped up made us do a double take at first. So we hit the road to meet movers, shakers and regular folks, experience the ambience and take in the sights.
So what cities did they come up with? GOP Rock points out that, interestingly enough, eight of the ten are in Red states; one in a Purple state (Iowa), and one in a Blue state (CA). The cities were:

1. Houston
2. Raleigh
3. Omaha
4. Boise
5. Colorado Springs
6. Austin
7. Fayetteville, NC
8. Sacramento
9. Des Moines
10. Provo

Surprisingly, I have visited six of the ten cities. My favorites on the list are Austin (home of one of my sisters) and # 1 favorite is Colorado Springs.

H/T GOP Rock


dougo said...

Austin is a blue city; as far as the rest of them, well, I guess someone has to live there.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

You are absolutely correct -- Austin is definitely a "blue" city. However, the premise of my post was that these cities are located in RED states ... and Texas definitely qualifies as a Red state.

I will never forget my surprise during the 2000 presidential campaign when Austin was covered with "Gore" yard signs ... and few "Bush" signs. George W. Bush was the governor of the state at that time and resided in Austin. Silly me ... I thought they would like him but he was a Republican and Austin is a liberal city.

If able to avoid politics, Austin is a lovely city with much to do and much to offer ... and the surrounding hill country (Republican territory) is gorgeous.

But my # 1 reason for liking Austin is because my sister lives there.

dougo said...

Despite its misfortune of being an oasis of normalcy surrounded by Redneckistan, Austin sounds like a wonderful place and I hope to visit someday. Your sister is lucky.