Monday, June 30, 2008

What an honor! President Bush spends last 4th in office at Monticello

What an honor for Virginia! President George W. Bush will spend his last 4th of July in office at Monticello in Albemarle County. Out of anywhere he could be throughout this great nation of ours, he will be here in the Commonwealth.

However ... the moonbats have put out the word to all liberal leftists out there to disturb the festivities. They have called for blocking entrances, meeting in parking lots, blocking roadways, yelling and shouting, and anything else they can do to disrupt what should be a non-partisan event of swearing in new U.S. citizens.

The moonbats plan to ruin an important and memorable event for those who moved to this country, studied hard, and earned their right to become naturalized citizens.

Welcome to Charlottesville President Bush blog is getting the word out to any Patriots who can make their way to Charlottesville to show President Bush that we are thankful for his leadership. We need to counter the moonbats who cannot even take a day off from their hateful demonatrations to celebrate the birth of our country. That is because most of them hate America and think we are to blame for anything that goes wrong in the world.

Stop them! Go to Welcome to Charlottesville President Bush each day this week for continuous updates on where to meet, what to do, and even a sample placard to use.

Spread the link to the blog to everyone you know and let them know what is going on.

And be sure to bring LOTS of American flags! The other side doesn't know what an American flag is except to display it upside down, with the outline of a dove on it, or as a "token" to critics who call them on their lack of flags.

Come out and warmly greet President Bush on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Now let me think back to several years ago...did "Right-Wing" Republicans give President Clinton Vice President Al Gore the same treatment when they visited Monticello? I think not..