Saturday, June 21, 2008

Waynesboro welcomes Appalachian Trail hikers

Waynesboro, sitting in the shadow of Afton Mountain and the Skyline Drive that runs along the ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains, has always opened its doors to Appalachian Trail hikers throughout the years.

From the fire station allowing camping on its premises to the local YMCA offering shower facilities to the hospitality of locals who give rides into town or help in other ways, Waynesboro is a hikers' town. "Through" hikers from the Trail know it is a refuge on their journey north or south.

Today's Waynesboro News-Virginian has an article by Cleve Wiese that tells the story of a Waynesboro resident who continues the tradition of reaching out to Trail hikers.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds great!

I love hiking!!