Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Contact State Senators ... just say NO to gas tax increase

Immediate Action Needed: Senators are debating the gas tax hike...send an immediate email to your Senator to oppose this tax!

State Senators are debating a 35 percent increase in the gas tax right now. Such an increase at a time when we are paying nearly $4 a gallon and will likely pay more in the coming months would impact working families more than perhaps any other proposal in this special "tax session." This is a regressive tax that harms families.

Senators need to hear from you NOW! They have their computers at their desks and will see the emails coming in.

ACTION: Send a strong message to your state Senator immediately! Tell them to vote NO on an increase in the state gas tax.

Click this link to send an email ... log in and send your message.

H/T Family Foundation

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