Tuesday, June 24, 2008

AFP Rally in Richmond - Part 3: Tim Craig, Washington Post reporter

The sheer number of media at Monday's Americans For Prosperity rally was amazing. With the first day of the specially-called session of the General Assembly set to start at noon, they were readily available for the 11 am rally on the Capitol grounds.

Jeff Schapiro from the Richmond Times-Dispatch I automatically recognized ... but there was one young man, dressed nicely in a suit, hovering around the outside of the crowd, notepad in hand, that I kept glancing at. As I walked around taking photos during the remarks of elected officials, I noticed him again and again.

Something looked familiar about him ... so I finally screwed up my courage, walked over, and placed my hand on his arm. He turned, and I asked if he was, by any chance, Tim Craig with the Washington Post? He smiled and said, "Yes." His photo in the newspaper was an exact likeness.

Tim Craig's coverage of yesterday's first day in session is here.

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