Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bob McDonnell: "Audit VDOT"

Attorney General Bob McDonnell Monday outside the General Assembly Building in Richmond just before start of Special Session.

Attorney General Bob McDonnell is proposing that VDOT be audited before pouring millions of dollars more into the deep, dark hole of transportation.

In Monday's Richmond Times-Dispatch, the AG's op-ed piece explaines why he feels this step is necessary. He begins by saying:

"I am advocating, along with other Republican leaders, a full external performance audit of the Virginia Department of Transportation to be done in two phases. It will be patterned after the successful audit of the same nature that was done in Washington state, with good results. It must be immediately approved and signed into law so the audit can commence promptly."
At Monday's Americans for Prosperity luncheon, he emphasized the point. Read the entire op-ed piece here.

Photo by SWAC Girl

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Anonymous said...

That was, of course, the same day he endorsed bringing back the regional taxes in HB3202.

I like AFP, but you'll want to steer clear of Bob McD.