Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Democrat Sen. Creigh Deeds voted against off-shore bill

Democrat Sen. Creigh Deeds wants to run for governor of Virginia ... and yet he voted against a proposal to allow off-shore drilling with the profits to go into transportation, a number that has been estimated at $200 million per year for 40 to 50 years. That would certainly take care of the transportation issues we are facing.

All the Democrats voted against the proposed off-shore bill, and all the Republicans voted for it.

Republicans want to lower energy costs. Republicans want to repair roadways and maintain bridges. Republicans are finding solutions ... and Democrats are shooting them down.

Remember the names of these Democrat senators who voted against the energy and transportation funding bill....
Patricia S. Ticer - (D - Alexandria)
Mary Margaret Whipple - (D - Arlington)
W. Roscoe Reynolds - (D - Henry)
Phillip P. Puckett - (D - Russell)
R. Creigh Deeds - (D - Bath)
Donald McEachin - (D - Henrico)
J. Chapman Petersen - (D - Fairfax)
Ralph S. Northam - (D - Norfolk)
Ask those senators how they propose to pay for transportation needs in Virginia, how they propose to lower the price at the pump and the price when your winter heating bills roll around, and ask them what kind of "environmental" damage they expect from drilling off-shore.

Drill here. Drill now. Pay less.

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