Friday, June 20, 2008

Blog Net News adds new features!

More tools for political junkies!

Besides being a gateway to the political blogosphere in each of the 50 states -- and I've already checked out the Minnesota blogosphere, home of the Republican National Convention in September -- Blog Net News has other features to help with the upcoming election season.

After weeks of testing, BNN added a major update ... now you can search all 50 states' political blogospheres from one widget.

Two other new features include and be sure to check out

And, of course, don't forget BNN's Righty Blogs where all the right-of-center political blogs can be found including some that do not show up in the regular BNN aggregator.

Our thanks to Dave Mastio and crew for the great internet tools and gadgets they provide to those of us who are political junkies and always looking for another way to satisfy that political fix.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the linkage. It is always good to hear something positive about the work we're doing.

It is those links that have helped us pull off something amazing. BNN now dwarfs in terms of traffic to its own site, the number of sites that use our widgets and the number of visits we spin off to bloggers -- you can check out, or And leftyblogs had several years head start.

Even cooler, is only 9 months old and it already has nearly the same traffic as

Noxt up this summer is -- a left-leaning version of BNN. I am sure it will become your favorite.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Congrats, Dave, on the great work BNN is doing and the services provided to bloggers. You guys just continue to grow.

Progressisphere? Hmmm.... I think I get enough of that on the BNN/Virginia aggregator. But if I need to give my blood pressure a jolt I'll check it out. :)