Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Out and about the SWAC area today....

I was all over the SWAC area today running errands ... met acting Augusta GOP chair to take care of some Augusta County GOP work ... and generally enjoyed being outdoors in the gorgeous weather. Low humidity and temps in the 70s make me loving life! The mountains were not hazy ... all was clear on this mostly sunny day.

Augusta Water Cooler blog ... I stopped by to see AWC blogger Jason Bibeau who is recuperating from some minor surgery and is bored on the coach. He was sleeping and, while writing a note to leave in the door, Yankee Phil walked over from across the street to say hello. We were in Jason's driveway for a good 30-45 minutes talking.

Later, while at the grocery store, I saw Mr. Francis Chester, the attorney from Churchville. Also saw Phil Balsley of the Statlers, and a home school friend.

That's one thing I love about the SWAC area ... small town USA. It is hard to go around town without seeing someone you know....

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