Thursday, August 07, 2008

Animals at the Augusta County Fair

4-H Club members are in charge of the petting zoo each year. You will find a number of home educated students working as they care for the animals and talk with children who visit.
Friendly donkey foal was not afraid of the camera ... posted and tried to get right up into the lens. Cute little thing....
The petting zoo has several calves for little ones to interact with.

This bunny was right at home in these friendly arms ... someone who clearly had a good political candidate....

Llamas, donkeys, turkeys, ducklings, chicks, bunnies, calves, goats ... the 4-H Petting Zoo at the Augusta County Fair offers a variety of critters for young and old alike. It is manned by area young people who participate in the 4-H program under the leadership of Jennifer Mercer.

Augusta County Fair is an agricultural fair so more emphasis is placed on animals and crops with shows, ribbon awards, and presentations by young people (youth categories) and adults. The friendly competition helps children strive to achieve whether it is baking the better cake, growing the prettiest pumpkin, or raising the best-looking calf. Ribbons are backed up with monetary prizes so there is added incentive to compete. Best of all is the pride of knowing they are able to improve and win from learning.

Congratulations to all this years winners in all categories.

Photos by SWAC Girl

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