Wednesday, January 21, 2009

$160 million inauguration ...

... and the liberals complained in 2004 at the $40 million being spent by President George W. Bush. I remember ... I wrote a letter to the editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch calling the libs hypocrites because of all the Hollywood pat-yourself-on-the-back awards shows that go on this time of year and the extravagant costs involved including those "goodie" bags given to celebrities.

This time ... not a peep. $160 million ... maybe even as much as $170 million, according to ABC News.

That would have bought a lot of health care.

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Staff said...


The $40 million figure you cite for Bush's 2000 inaugural does not include security. When you include Bush's security, the cost of the two events is much closer.

Also, far more people attended the Obama inaugural, so it was necessary to spend more on security to get the job done.

You are trying to compare apples and oranges.