Monday, January 19, 2009

Vandalism? Poo left at Staunton store with tribute to President Bush

[See original post: Staunton store window: Thank you, President Bush"]

Was it an accident? Or was it intended?

It had not occurred before ... piles of poo left on the sidewalk under Zelma's store window in downtown Staunton -- the window with a tribute thanking President Bush for his leadership. The store owner was out this morning cleaning it up while continuing to leave up the display in the window -- the owner who spent over a year in Iraq fighting to protect us from terrorism here in little ol' Staunton.

Zelma's vintage clothing store ... give 'em a thumbs up for being a conservative beacon in the midst of a mostly liberal town.


Carl Kilo said...

a couple libs walked by and blew their noses...their brains came out -IMHO

Mike said...

She saw piles, Carl. There was nothing in the post about a microscope to see their small brains.

Misfit410 said...

I came in to make a crass remark, but Carl outdid me before I could even try, well played sir.