Saturday, January 17, 2009

There are heroes among us....

Ordinary men are called on to do extraordinary acts.

US Airways pilot "Sully" Sullenberger was one of those ordinary men. Thursday he was called on to perform an extraordinary act. His cool head and experience saved the lives of over 150 people.

By now most everyone has heard the story of the Airbus taking off from LaGuardia Airport heading to Charlotte, NC, only to run into immediate trouble -- possibly Canada geese that were sucked into the engines -- causing a life-and-death situation. The pilot and co-pilot guided the plane onto the Hudson River, prevented it from breaking apart or sinking, which allowed rescuers time to quickly respond and prevent any loss of life. Many are calling it the miracle on the Hudson.

On board the air craft were others who performed extraordinary acts including passengers and crew. Stories from the survivors are coming out. Stories about the crash are coming out.

Ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances ... there are heroes among us.


AmPowerBlog said...

He's a try hero, SWAC Girl!

Anonymous said...

It is no surprise that he is former military. Heroes, all of them.
Linwood Cobb

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Donald, you are absolutely correct. He is what we all hope to be when faced with adversity.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Linwood, he did indeed live up to his military background. I count as others who are heroes in this story the mechanics, engineers, maintenance people ... all those who had a hand in making that airplane perform as it needed to when Captain Sully needed it.

I also count as heroes all those rescuers who answered the call when they saw others in trouble. Their quick action got those people out of that frigid water in record time.

That we all could be heroes is proven only when we are put to the test. You are correct ... heroes all of them.