Monday, January 12, 2009

Tagged by fellow ODBA blogger Krystle

The latest meme has been making the rounds of the internet with Scott and Krystle posting responses. Krystle tagged me last week and I'm happy to play along as I reveal seven things about myself and tag seven other bloggers.

1) I am a native Virginian.
2) I enjoy working crossword puzzles.
3) I home schooled my kids for 16 years. My son graduated in 2007 from James Madison University (double degree) and my daughter currently attends college.
4) My most memorable birthday was my 27th, spent at Wintergreen Resort with friends. It snowed all day as we skied from morning to evening, and then grilled on the deck where my then-boyfriend, now-husband presented me with a birthday cake that had two red skis stuck in an icing "snow bank." I still have those little red skis.
5) I was honored to have a photo taken with President George W. Bush in the oval office of the White House.
6) I play the piano and 12-string guitar.
7) I love snow.

If they care to play along, I tag:

Dave Mastio
Augusta Water Cooler
Jim Patrick
Carl Kilo
Fishersville Mike
Scott Lee
Richard Lee

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