Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Minnesota to Franken: "No!"

The continuing saga of Minnesota's senate race took a turn Monday when Al Franken requested to be certified for the senate ... and was denied by Minnesota's governor and secretary of state.

NewsMax reported:
"Minnesota law is very clear on when a certificate of election can be issued,” Mark Ritchie, Minnesota’s Democratic secretary of state, wrote in a Monday statement. “Neither the governor nor I may sign a certificate of election in the U.S. Senate race until all election contests have reached a final determination. Even if the governor issues a certificate of election prior to the conclusion of the contest phase, I will not sign it."

Minn. Governor Pawlenty echoed Ritchie, saying the following in a statement: “I have a duty to follow state law and our statutes are clear on this issue. I am prohibited from issuing a certificate of election until the election contest in the courts has been resolved.”
There are numerous questions about the recount.

Check out the blog Minnesota Democrats Exposed for continuous updates.

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