Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reassassments front and center at Augusta BOS meeting

Wednesday night's Augusta County Board of Supevisors meeting found dozens of county residents at the Government Center to protest their 2009 real estate reassassments. The meeting was not planned for that subject but the room was full of citizens who needed to vent.

Too late tonight to go into it ... I have pages of notes from the meeting to break down into a post on Thursday.

Stay tuned....


Steve Harkonnen said...

If these rednecks think that they can get away with fooling this northerner into believing his home value is actually increasing while the real estate economy is sucking wind, then they must really think my head zips up in back.

Idiots, all of them. So they hire a mental giant who doesn't even live in our area, some clown who reminds me of Mr. Haney from Green Acres, to assess my property when he hasn't even seen it?

I've already scheduled my petition hearing. My property went up 33% just so they can get more taxes out of me??!?!

Are they actually this bats--t insane? Bring WHSV when I talk to them and let's get this one on youtube. They are going to be torn a new exit sphincter when it's my turn to speak.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Steve, you would be interested in a comment by Middle River Supervisor Gerald Garber.

Mr. Garber referred to it as the "second invasion of the Yankees" -- people from up north who moved in and paid large prices for property.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Gerald Garber's comment was made during the Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday night. He was responding to the dozens of citizens who had shown up to protest their increased real estate assessments.