Saturday, January 10, 2009

NRA Alert: Attack on gun rights in Virginia

NRA Alert: Virginia Crime Commission Set to Consider Possible Anti-Gun Recommendations on Tuesday, January 13:

On Tuesday, January 13, the Virginia State Crime Commission will be recommending possible legislation to the General Assembly on whether to close the so-called "gun-show loophole" in Virginia.

Anti-gun zealots are working hard to erode our Second Amendment freedoms and end the private transfer and sale of firearms between individuals, including family members. Gun-banning extremists never rest and will attempt to regulate and ban firearms in every legislative session in the Old Dominion.

Similar legislation was defeated just last year in both the Virginia House and the Senate. There is little doubt that non-shooters and anti-gun forces will be active in making their voices heard so it is vital that gun owners and sportsmen speak loudly.

Please contact the members of the Virginia State Crime Commission by email or fax at (804) 786-7872 and respectfully urge them to oppose any legislation that restricts the private sale of personal property and treats law abiding citizens as criminals.

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