Sunday, January 11, 2009

Augusta BOS ... will they equalize real estate rate?

Augusta County real estate assessments came in with 28% increases in notices that will be mailed out later this month ... and DJ McGuire at Right-Wing Radical has taken notice. He writes:
Now we have the numbers, but the battle has only begun.

Under state law, Augustans must be made aware of the “equalization rate,” i.e., the tax rate that would be revenue neutral (depending on growth and inflation since 2005, it will likely be somewhere around 46 cents). Even before the number is revealed, Augustans need to make clear they expect the Board of Supervisors to enact the equalization rate: anything above equalization is a tax increase, period.

As I’ve said before, this isn’t just about Augusta. If taxpayers in one of the most Republican counties in the Commonwealth get hit up for a tax increase, the rest of the state is in real trouble.
Look for large crowds at the Government Center and Board of Supervisor meetings to protest the increases real estate assessments.

If anyone on the Augusta Board of Supervisors will lead the fight for equalization of the real estate tax rate, it will probably be Pastures Supervisor Tracy Pyles (D).

As DJ writes:
So, even as we keep watch upon our own respective local governments, we must all keep a wary eye on Augusta, and make sure that all of the current Supervisors - Republican, Democrat, and Independent - are made aware that a tax increase and any ambitions beyond their home county are mutually exclusive.
Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

That the fight for the taxpayer will be led by the Board's lone Democrat says a lot about the GOP "electeds" (as you so eloquently call them), in Augusta - and it's not good.

Still, my late grandfather Mike McGuire (President of the City Council of Elizabeth, NJ, a dedicated taxpayer advocate, and a Democrat his entire life) is sure to be smiling and watching over kindred spirit Tracy Pyles.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Good for your grandfather. A conservative is a conservative whether they are Democrat or Republican.

I just wish our electeds would work harder to spend within their means and stop increasing taxes. With the layoffs and closings that are going on in the SWAC area right now, it is no time to be raising taxes.

Townhall meetings and BOS meetings are full of people with their hands out asking for money. We need to prioritize.

It will be interesting to see how the citizens respond. Stay tuned....

Anonymous said...

I wish we had someone of the same caliber on Washington County BOS. It's about old money and old influence around here. I ran for the Board back in 1999 and was told by many that fresh ideas would not be tolerated by the old influence.

Ultimately, the people down here will gripe and raise a fuss, but they will eventually take the increase. Which is a shame because there are a few who could "lead the charge up San Juan hill."

Anonymous said...

Charlie is correct. The people in Washington county will bitch and complain and then pay the increased taxes. I've heard of reassessment rates from 25% to well over 100%. Some citizens gathered at a local store had the opinion that the only out was to cancel your home insurance, so there will be no insurance fraud claims, and then burn the place down. Replacing it with a used mobile home should lower the tax bill.