Sunday, January 25, 2009

1967 Staunton double murder solved?

The High's Ice Cream unsolved double murder that has been a mystery in Staunton, Virginia, for 42 years appears to have finally been solved.

The Associated Press reported:
When she was a teenager working part time at an ice cream parlor in 1967, Sharron Diane Crawford Smith shot two co-workers in the head after they mocked her for being lesbian, a terrible secret at the time.
Ms. Smith confessed to the crime, and revealed her motive, when she was terminally ill last November, and the police made the information public Friday, four days after Ms. Smith died.

Ms. Smith ensured some mystery would outlive her, however, when she also claimed that the lead detective in the case, who is now dead, helped her bury the murder weapon. Investigators said on Friday that they would try to verify that accusation and to find out why one of their own might have hidden Ms. Smith’s guilt in a case that has practically become folklore in this city of 25,000 in the Shenandoah Valley.
Read the entire fascinating article here.

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