Monday, January 19, 2009

Congrats, BlogNetNews!

Dave Mastio with Blog Net News shared the good news:
A little while back, we began tracking how many visitors went from BNN’s main site, the rss feeds BNN produces and the headline widgets that hundreds of bloggers all over the country have put on their sites. The weekly numbers have been astounding and last night, they reached a new record, more than 260,000 as of 11:59 est last night.

That means BNN is sending more visitors to bloggers than leftyblogs, the only other site I know that reveals the number (let me know if there are more that do it). And we’re beating them by a factor of ten — more than a million visits a month.
We are truly a blogging community that has gone nationwide, thanks to Dave and Blog Net News. With the new, faster, more intuitive version of BNN ready to launch, the sky is the limit.

Thanks for all your hard work, Dave.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the plug. I am glad folks like the new design,