Thursday, January 08, 2009

Global warming? Coldest winter in years....

Some headlines from around the world that debunk global warming:

- 'Communist-era power shortages' hit as deadly cold, heavy snow grip Europe
- Indian Geologist Declares: ‘Global cooling will lead to our extinction’
- Middle East: Cold wave causes death
- Poor burn books to stay warm in chilly India, 55 dead
- From Belgium: New twist on the ‘Gore Effect’
- Global warming activist limbs go numb from cold on trek to Antarctica
- Cyclist braves brutal cold to battle global warming
- Extreme -60F Alaska cold grounds planes, disables cars
- London colder than Antarctica
- Canadian cold streak breaks 1892 records - '24 consecutive days of -25 C or lower'
- Cross country race canceled in Alaska due to -50 below temps
- Eiffel Tower closed, flights hit by snow
- Bismarck ND breaks 1916 snow record
- Sunspots had been predicting major cooling since 2000
- Blizzards close down over 1,000 village roads in Turkey
- NCDC: the U.S. cool down by 0.49 °F per decade
- Record cold U.S. temperatures in 2009
- For the first time in years, western part of Lake Superior freezes over
- Chilly zoo animals in China huddle near fires and electric heaters
- The day the sea froze: Arctic conditions continue to grip UK


FuguSushi said...

Are you pretending to be stupid? Or are you actually this dumb?

Do you understand what Global Warming is? It does not mean the entire globe everywhere will heat up. It means in general the globe is heating up, which will cause the weather pattern to shift and cause certain parts of the world to become extremely cold, while other parts will become extremely dry. Along with shifting weather patterns you will also see more forest fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

If all Americans are as stupid as you are then there is no hope for this world. We might as well wait for the rapture because we'll be bringing it to ourselves soon enough.

BoabAt101 said...

I THINK Fugu Sushi is the idiot,
1. because of the rudeness of the reply
2. being taken in by the C02 scam.

The planet goes through temperature fluctuations and always has, a changing global temperature is normal.

The reality is that the carbon levels increasing is not causing the effect that the scare mongers says it will and the increase at the moment 1.5 degrees warmer than 1450, not a catastrophe by any means.

The people pushing the garbage about global warming are making money out it and that is the whole reason behind the scare.

Max said...

If all Americans are as stupid as you are then there is no hope for this world.

And as is evident from boabt101 post not only they are stupid ,they are also hostile aggressive morons.