Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Icy wonderland....

Ice-covered snow blanketed the SWAC area leaving treacherous conditions. Roads and sidewalks were covered in a layer of ice causing school closings for a second day.

Snow, ice, freezing rain ... snow day! As many Shenandoah Valley public schools remain closed for a second day, the freezing rain continued this morning with predictions it will taper off by noon. A predicted 3-5" of snow never materialized. We got just enough snow to cover everything before it turned to sleet and freezing rain.

Augusta County public schools and Blue Ridge Community College are closed. Truck drivers still reported for work ... the freight must be moved so no snow day for them.

The woodstove is cranked making it toasty warm as we watch the wintry scene outside. Last night we cooked teriyaki chicken in the cast iron skillet on the woodstove top along with veggie sides cooked in foil. So far there are no electrical outages in our area but icy limbs still may cause disruptions.

It's another snow day!

Photos by SWAC Girl
Lynn Mitchell
January 28, 2009

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