Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5,000 turn out for Cincinnati tea party ... is a revolution brewing nationwide?

Cincinnati had a tea party on Sunday and 5,000 turned out. Michelle Malkin covered it on her blog.

Tea parties are brewing nationwide and many politicians are not listening. Over 150 tea parties are planned including gatherings in Virginia in Richmond, Charlottesville, and Virginia Beach (so far). Check for information about a tea party near you.

Glenn Beck headed up "We Surround You" parties nationwide last Friday.

So where is the media to cover these events? So far they are largely quiet.

Augusta County's Board of Supervisors meeting on Wednesday, March 11, was a tea party only the supervisors still do not seem to realize that. This is a groundswell ... a movement of hard-working Americans across the country whose backs are breaking under the tax load.

It's not Republican ... it's not Democrat ... it's Americans standing up and speaking out.

It's We the People.

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