Thursday, March 12, 2009

Augusta assessment petitions: 10,047 10,600 signatures

Petitions tied with red yarn from Francis Chester's Cestari Farm ... made from local sheep on local land by the hands of Augusta County residents.

As a testament to the drive and force behind people's outrage over increased real estate assessments, 10,047 10,600 signatures were collected on petitions asking the Augusta County supervisors to roll back assessments to 2005 values.

That's 10,047 10,600!!! In the last supervisors election the total votes for all seven supervisors was somewhere around 10,350.

Many thanks to the citizens of Augusta County who helped circulate petitions throughout the area. Over 30 businesses allowed petitions in their stores, and residents took a stack at a time and carried them around neighborhoods and to work.

Together, Augusta ... we collected 10,047 10,600 signatures!!!

Photo by SWAC Girl
Lynn Mitchell
March 11, 2009

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