Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Property tax revolts going on in North Carolina

Move over, Augusta County, Virginia ... you've got plenty of company in your real estate property tax revolt.

As reported by Mary Ann Silver during Shepherd Smith's show on Fox News Channel Monday night, residents of Orange County, NC, are speaking up and showing up at meetings of Commisioners to protest increased real estate assessments at a time of financial depression. Freedom Works blog wrote:
Our Orange County tax revolt has featured meetings where more than 1000 citizens have showed up to demand that their taxes not go up.
But it's also happening in Yadkin County where the Yadkin Valley News reported:
... unlike 2005, when the economy was still creating jobs, this year's revaluation comes at a time when the housing market has tanked and many residents say they can't understand how their property values increased during the worst recession in 25 years.
Sound familiar? It should. The same "perfect storm" has occurred this year in Augusta County.

And also in Alamance County, NC:
Taxpayers have been up in arms since revaluation notices went out March 2. Massey said the tax office "could have done a little bit better" with its presentation, a line that drew some empathetic chuckles.
Freedom Works concludes:
... in Alamance County, 200 citizens came out to speak against raising taxes on property owners. According to our activists there, due to our efforts all five of the county commisssioners in Alamance County are going to agree not to raise taxes. This could be a big win for the taxpayers of Alamance County, and an inspiration to other counties in North Carolina who want to challenge their revaluations.
Check out the Free Republic site and be sure to read the comments with links to additional news stories.

Property tax revolts ... tax day tea parties ... the Silent Majority is speaking up.

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