Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Augusta: Wednesday BOS meeting to talk tax rate

At a work session on Monday, Augusta County Board of Supervisor members discussed lowering the real estate tax rate to 48 cents per $100, down from the current 58 cents per $100.

The Waynesboro News Virginian reported:
The Augusta County Board of Supervisors voted Monday to advertise a 2009-10 budget that features a reduced tax rate for county residents of 48 cents per $100 of assessed value, 10 cents lower than the current rate.

The supervisors have said all along that they would offer a tax rate to minimize the effects of the county’s reassessment, which continues to be the subject of controversy.

There is a potential lawsuit against the county to set the reassessment aside and a recall petition effort against supervisors, citing their negligence and incompetence.

South River Supervisor David Beyeler said Monday that supervisors should offer a 49-cent rate, saying that using money from the county’s fund balance to support a 48-cent rate was not wise.

“At 49 cents, 40 percent of the people will pay less taxes than they are today,” Beyeler said.

Riverheads Supervisor Nancy Sorrells supported Beyeler’s motion.

Pastures Supervisor Tracy Pyles said the board had promised a revenue-neutral tax rate and that a rate of 48.2 cents would allow for that.

Board Chairman Larry Howdyshell expressed support for a revenue-neutral tax rate, but said he did not want to jeopardize basic services.

The board voted to go with the lower rate of 48 cents.
The Board of Supervisors meeting is tomorrow night, March 25, at 7 pm at the Government Center in Verona.

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