Saturday, March 28, 2009

Captain Sully: "People need to feel good again"

"We all have some Sully Sullenberger inside of us." So said THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog ... and I'd like to think it's true.

"The Miracle on the Hudson" occurred when Captain Sullenberger saved 150 lives while safely landing the airplane he was piloting on the Hudson River:
While the story of how he and his crew safely landed a plane in the Hudson River has been told over and over, it was an appearance on 60 Minutes that had me fully grasping his significance.

I had not watched 60 Minutes in years, but he was the feature story. I had to watch. Out of all of his appearances, this one was the most meaningful. He was asked why people were so drawn to this story.

His response was simple, truthful, and important.

“People need to feel good again. They need to feel a sense of hope.”

Times are tough. People are starving for good news. They do not need a ten course meal of it. They will settle for bread crumbs.
"We all have some Sully Sullenberger inside of us." There are heroes out there....

H/T to Mom for sending along the graphic

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