Friday, March 27, 2009

"John Adams" weekend

It's a "John Adams" weekend at our house ... the miniseries. Tonight it's "Join or Die" and "Independence."

He united the States of America ...
While our new nation was suffering attacks from both winthin and without, John Adams had a vision of a nation of liberty and injustice for all. He guided his peers -- General George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson -- in setting the values and agenda for a glorious, free America. Adams and his wife, Abigail refined these ambitious democratic ideals, and their partnership became one of the most moving love stories in American history.

John Adams, the Pulitzer-winning book from author David McCullough, is now the critically acclaimed seven-part miniseries from HBO Films.
We are such history nerds at my house....

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Mike Thomas said...

My 15 year-old daughter, who is not that big on history, was enthralled by the series. She and I watched it together each week when it first aired.

This mini-series is superbly welldone.