Monday, March 16, 2009

Guest Column: "Project 912"

Guest Column
By Suzanne Curran

Shenandoah County

Glenn Beck’s proposal to restore the values & principles that formed the USA!!

Friday evening some 200+ people gathered together in Waynesboro, Virginia, at Sidelines Café. We gathered to listen to the 5 PM Fox News Channel Glenn Beck special on the state of our country and its core problems. We joined with thousands across this country who gathered in homes, cafes, halls and military bases in Iraq to become a mighty army against the assault on our country.

Everyone was excited and ready to declare that “We Are Not Alone” in our fears. We want to unite to stop the destruction of the basic core values and principles that made this the greatest country ever on this planet!! By the end of the show (6PM) we were to identify the basic problem and our first step to fix it!

What we learned should have been clear to us. Every one of us knows that our country is dying. Many reasons have been bandied around but in the end we KNEW the answer.

As a people we have lost our values and principles to live by what GOD gave us when we were created. We are told in our Constitution that we are endowed by our creator with Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, and that in order for this country to be able to be a nation of free people, we must follow some very simple rules. Those rules can be written in many ways but the core beginning of all of them is the Ten Commandments.

We learned that is what we must do. Go to the core problem of our political environment. That, in order for us to have representatives that we can trust, believe in, and simply know they will govern honestly, fairly, and simply, we must identify what principles and values required in a candidate in order to vote for someone to indeed represent us!

Step 1: Do we? Is that truly step one? Or should that be step 2 or maybe even 3?

Perhaps step one should be: Is our political environment locally, state-wide and at the federal level based on, as George Washington stated, ‘in order for a free people to be governed without tyranny ultimately taking over, those free people must be religious and moral’. Question: Are we who elect the representatives able to be judged affirmatively by those two requirements? Are the politicians we elect guided by those values?

Step 2: In order to reach step two you must first identify step one. So that is for another day.

Summary: We must go forth into our neighborhoods and communities, gather together, discuss as our forefathers did, and come to the conclusions regarding step one and then begin on step two. We are to meet up again on September 12th to reinforce our sense of nationalism and that “We Are Not Alone” and that “We Surround Them.”

We also learned that there are many Americans who feel the same way we do … that our very basic, core, beliefs are under siege from inside and outside. WE ARE ALL THAT STAND IN THE WAY OF TOTAL COLLAPSE.

Glenn Beck said that he will be working on another idea and he asked the viewers to consider what and who they want to be. That we have a choice, we can be:

1. The person who lived with their heads in the sand on September 10, 2001, or
2. The person who lived in fear as on September 11, 2001, or
3. We can be who we were on September 12, 2001.

That person was not a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian; that person was not black, white, yellow or red; that person was an AMERICAN.

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Anonymous said...

Economy Solution
Here`s a novel idea, how about the Government give tax breaks to business and corporations for hiring and training new employee`s instead of raising their taxes. This would be a jobs program that would benefit everyone.

On the housing crisis do away with all subprime mortgages and put them on fixed rate ones and if need be extend them to 35 or 40 years. The plan O`Bama has is totally unfair to all of us who worked hard all our lives to obtain the now thanks to the politicians long dead American Dream. I was going to retire this year but now I can`t as over 1/2 the value of my IRA`s is gone. I started working when I was 11 and now at 62 I`m tired and after 1 spinal fusion and another one needed I now consider myself and most of my generation to what I call " The work till we drop generation"

What I learned from this past election is this countries voters were the biggest morons this nation has ever seen. This like you would say is how I got there.
The Clinton administration were the ones who started this downward spiral with our economy when they pushed for these subprime mortgages. They belived that anyone should be able to own a home whether they could afford one or not. Their cohorts who as I call it conspired to destroy our economy to name a few were Senator`s Chris Dodd, Harry Read, Nancy Peloisi, and Rep.Barney Franks. Yes lets not forget President O`Bama. Dodd & O`Bama received the largest what I call kickbacks from Freddie Mack or Fannie Mae can`t remember which one. They all knew what was coming especially in 2005 when Senator McCain tried to bring this problem to the attention of the nation and the Democrats shut it down. The above named people and more were successful in hiding this disaster from coming to light. The moronic voters re-elected the same people who are responsible for this fiasco.

American Dream Lost