Monday, January 25, 2010

"Blame Bush" syndrome permeates White House

~"Hey, Obama -- it's been a year. Put your big boy pants on and take responsibility."~

The term "Stuck on Stupid" comes to mind listening to the Democrats ... and the Obama White House in particular ... as they continue to bash former President George W. Bush a year after he left office.

Earth to White House: Get over it! America disagrees with you! Many have buyers remorse that is growing daily as their jobs and houses slip away, paychecks shrink, and fear of terrorism in the homeland grows. Your honeymoon with America is way over.

Elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts -- Massachusetts! -- went to Republicans even as the Democrats campaigned on the same old "Blame Bush!" game plan. After those losses, some Democrats are beginning to question that strategy.

Today's Politico reports:
After three consecutive losses in statewide races, some top Democrats are questioning a tactic aimed at boosting the party’s candidates in each of those contests: Bush-bashing.

Running as much against the Bush White House as he was running against Sen. John McCain, Barack Obama easily carried Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts in 2008.

Yet when Democratic nominees for governor in Virginia and New Jersey and for Senate in Massachusetts sought to tie their GOP opponents to the still-unpopular former president, the strategy didn’t resonate. Voters were more focused on the current administration or local political issues — and the onetime Democratic magic formula seemed yesterday’s news.

“Voters are pretty tired of the blame game,” said longtime Democratic strategist Steve Hildebrand, a top aide on Obama’s presidential campaign. “What a stupid strategy that was.”
Obama is stuck in 2008 ... America is now in 2010. It's time for Democrats to flip to the next chapter in the game book.

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