Saturday, January 30, 2010

Miss America Contest ... and Rush Limbaugh

For the first time in years we're watching the Miss America Contest. Why?

Rush Limbaugh.

He's a judge ... imagine that! He was approached by the Miss America Contest to be a judge, something he talked about on his show while trying to decide whether to accept the invitation. This week he has been in Las Vegas ... Monday and Tuesday Mark Steyn filled in on the radio show because Rush and the other judges were extremely busy.

But Rush was back on the air for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday's shows ... and he talked about what a wonderful experience he was having with the Miss America crew and how much fun it had been. Tonight he's in a tux on the front row of the judges' tables and I'm loving it.

And ... Miss Virginia made the final 10. We'll see where it goes from here....

Update: Miss Virginia, a VCU student from Fredericksburg, is the new Miss America!

Politico: Limbaugh Lets Loose
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Miss America Photos by Tom Donoghue

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