Sunday, January 24, 2010

LTE: Republicans Need a New Contract Called "Rescue America"

["Republicans Need a New Contract" is a letter to the editor in today's Richmond Times-Dispatch from my step-dad. Politics is discussed openly and freely around the dining room table at my parents' home ... our military is openly appreciated and the feeling is our American freedoms must be defended.]

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Your recent editorial, "The Surge," contained profound statements. You stated, "Republicans seem certain to score impressive gains in the House and probably in the Senate." (Major word is "seem.") You followed that with " . . . Republicans approach the 2010 edition with anticipation. They, too, must be aware of arrogance."

Although Democratic arrogance has been unbelievable, I think it has been the Democrats' blatant deception that started the Tea Party movement. The public no longer trusts Obama and the administration he has guilefully constructed. Obama's unfulfilled promises are often seen as outright lies. It has dawned on the public that Obama's purported agenda of "change and transparency" wasn't his true agenda, but one of socialistic redistribution of wealth and control. Obama's claim to create jobs is a sham. The jobs he wishes to create are government jobs. Recent statistics show that in the U.S. there now may be more government (non-productive) jobs than normal work force (productive) jobs, a trend developing since FDR's New Deal.

This is an unsustainable disaster forming before our very eyes. Republicans must acknowledge that in the past they have often been complicit in this development. A continuation of this is sure death for the GOP. The upcoming contest will no longer be Republican versus Democrat. It will be the independents and the nonaffiliated public versus the Democratic and Republican bases.

It is time for the Republican leadership to create and require GOP candidates to pledge to fervently support a new "Contract With America," calling it "Rescue America." It should contain straightforward planks such as making earmarks illegal, restoring honesty and ethics in government, reducing the size and control of government, and defending and protecting the Constitution.

This effort has already been initiated by "we the people" via Tea Parties. God bless America.

Calvin T. Lucy

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