Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dems have lost the trust of We the People

From RedState:
Unemployment is up, troop deployments for two unpopular wars are up, the budget deficit is up, retail prices are up, fuel prices are up, the national debt is up, trade deficits are up, foreclosures are up…everything bad is up in America even while everything good continues to go down. Not what the Democrats had in mind, I’m sure, when they begged us to give them a majority in the hallowed halls of Congress so they could do the “People’s work.”
Could the unthinkable happen? Could the senate seat held for so long by Ted Kennedy actually roll over to the Republicans in today's special election in Massachusetts?

Democrats have missed the pulse of the American people. For a year Dems have jammed, shoved, and run over those they represent with ever-increasing government programs, bailouts, subsidies -- and the most hideous of all -- government-run health care. Self-sustaining, hard-working everyday people have been told they must pay for others who are not self-sustaining or hard-working.

In the past two months the electorate rejected the Dems in Virginia ... they rejected the Dems in New Jersey ... they came close to rejecting the Dems in New York. Are we about to see Dems rejected in Massachusetts, of all places, where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-to-1 and in, of all things, the senate seat held for so long by Ted Kennedy?

Today's election could be a further bellweather of the mood of the American electorate and if Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and the rest of the Democrat James Gang don't listen, they could be on a path of self-destruction in upcoming elections. One year into the Obama administration ... and the country has turned sour on Obama's "hope and change."

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