Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massachusetts to Obama: "Can you hear us now?"

Can you hear us now?"

Is that what Massachusetts voters are saying to Barack Obama about health care if Republican Scott Brown wins in a very blue state?

Voters said it in Virginia and New Jersey in November even after Obama went into those states to campaign for the Democrats ... voters almost said it in New York ... and now it would appear they are saying it in Massachusetts.

Stimulus bills, bailouts, government takeover of private corporations, mortgage crisis, and the worst of all, government-forced health care ... all were jammed down voters' throats.

In response, nationwide tea parties began ... conservative voters showed up at summer senate townhall meetings ... a march on Washington, DC, on September 12 by over 1.2 million voters further demonstrated that Americans were not going to take it sitting down, and finally constant visits, phone calls, and emails to congressmen and senators have continued to this day.

If Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts, will Barack Obama and his Democrat cronies finally stop to listen to the American citizens?

No matter what he does, we should thank him for waking up the Sleeping Giant that is the American people who are saying, "Obama, can you hear us now?"

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