Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Conflict of interest? Obama Weather Czar married to White House-approved green window company's VP

Conflict of interest? You think? From American Spectator:
If you did not catch John Stossel's program tonight on [Fox Business Channel], "Crony Capitalism," he did a segment that the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota helped him with (a lot!) about a small window company called Serious Materials.

The company claims to produce the most energy efficient windows in the world, which other larger companies dispute -- but that's not the point. Watch the Stossel segment below and you'll see how Serious got some high profile endorsements from President Obama and Vice President Biden, which is suspicious because the company's vice president for policy is married to the overseer of President Obama's weatherization program, Cathy Zoi.

Amazingly, Serious Materials was the only "green" window company to receive some recent tax credits from the federal government.
Watch the video ... the cronyism will anger you.

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