Friday, January 29, 2010

NY Times: "The 3 Facebook Settings Every User Should Check Now"

More changes have already occurred at Facebook that users should be aware of. Facebook began as the anti-MySpace, a safe harbor to protect its users and their privacy. However, a series of changes the past months have many questioning what Facebook is doing and why.

The New York Times alerts of recent Facebook renovations:
In December, Facebook made a series of bold and controversial changes regarding the nature of its users' privacy on the social networking site. The company once known for protecting privacy to the point of exclusivity (it began its days as a network for college kids only - no one else even had access), now seemingly wants to compete with more open social networks like the microblogging media darling Twitter.
Many young people use the site openly, talking back and forth and trading photos as if they were private correspondences with friends.

But they may not be.

And therein lies the problem. What began as a relatively small closed internet neighborhood has the potential to explode into the Google search engine system. Photos of the guys on a wild drinking fishing trip -- or any photos or careless writing -- could end up in the hands of a potential employer or worse.

The face of Facebook has changed ... be aware.

You will want to read this article about the many changes in this giant social network before it turns into your own personal giant social nightmare. As the Times says, take five minutes to check your status and be sure it is what you want it to be.

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