Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roundup of Virginia conservative blogosphere's posts on MA race

Conservative bloggers in Virginia were all over the Massachusetts special election Tuesday night, encouraging and cheering Republican Scott Brown in his win over Democrat Martha Coakley ... 52% to 47%. A look around the blogosphere turned up these posts:

Yankee Phil ... Obama is 0-5:
Obama in Va, Deeds loses
Obama in NJ, Corzine loses
Obama in Copenhagen I, Chicago loses
Obama in Copenhagen II, Church of Global Warming Loses
Obama in Massachusetts, Coakley loses.

Fishersville Mike ... Recon-silly-action:
Is reconciliation the way for Democrats to go now on health care reform? No, unless they never want to have power again. They need to learn from the lessons of Massachusetts. Changing the rules to whatever benefits you at the moment doesn't work in the long run.

Jason at the Augusta Water Cooler ... KennChusetts No More:
This victory for the Republican Party is exactly what the image to the left shows. 5 Points is no landslide in many places, however 5 points in a race where 30 days ago you'd have been happy to only loose by only 20 points. This is truly a referendum on the Obama Administration and the health care turd that this administration is trying to drive down our throats.

David at Augusta Conservative ... Scott Brown WINS, Sen. Kerry consoles Coakley:
Senator John Kerry was present at Martha Coakley's concession speech and offered his condolences. Democrats are feeling the burn and pressure today on Capital Hill with their domestic agenda.

Bob at The Journey ... Change I can believe in:
"I bet they can hear this cheering all the way in Washington, D.C. It's just the beginning...when there's trouble (for the Dem machine) in Massachusetts, there's trouble everywhere. Rest assured they know it." -- Scott Brown

Krystle Weeks at Crystal Clear Conservative ... Victory in Massachusetts:
This also sends a sign that people are growing further disenchanted with the President’s policies. It is a good night for Massachusetts and America! Now, it is time to seat Senator Scott Brown!

Cargosquid at United Conservatives of Virginia ... In honor of Scott Brown's amazing win and to the patriots who voted for him:

Tom White at Virginia Right! ... MSNBC and CNN do not carry Brown Victory Speech:
In what has to be the most stunning upset for Democrats in 15 years nationally, the bias was showing during the Scott Brown victory speech last night. While FoxNews, CNN and MSNBC carried Martha Coakley’s entire concession speech, the same coverage was not afforded Scott Brown’s victory speech.

Tom also has the video of Scott Brown's excellent victory remarks.

Brian Kirwin at Bearing Drift ... Deeds, Democrats, and Massachusetts Defeat:
Here come the talking points, and I’m getting a little tired of the press and the Democrats covering up what’s really going on. ... the next time the media or Democrats (someone needs to invent a word that means both, since their circles are pretty much concentric) tries to pawn off their lame “it was a poorly run campaign” excuse, I pledge, and you should too, to refuse to accept it for anything more than a dodge. It was their agenda that was rejected.

On a sad note, our thoughts and prayers are with Brian and his family at the loss of his father.

Jerry at From On High ... I didn't think it possible:
There were so many Democrats in Massachusetts. Who would have thought. ... It don't get better than this.

Jerry again ... Shot heard round the world:
The Boston Tea Party has a message for Congressman Rick Boucher, Virginia 9 and Tom Perriello, Virginia 5.

Jerry yet again ... The harvest of America has begun:
This goes out to those Scott Brown supporters in Massachusetts who made us proud yesterday. Born Again American. Flag wavin' proud.

Jim Riley at Virginia Virtucon ... The citizens revolt has begun:
What happened tonight in MA is nothing short of a tremendous political upheaval (I would have said prior to the tragedy in Haiti a political “earthquake,” but that trivializes their suffering and despair). A citizens revolt has begun and it is much broader than just the Tea Party movement. Every day Americans are fed up with a federal government that has no respect for our Constitution and does what it pleases simply because it can.

Riley again ... Jim Webb in campaign mode:
And he is running hard to the center. As a way to show that “he’s listening to voters” Senator Webb has called for all health care votes to be suspended until Scott Brown is seated.

James Young at Skeptical Observer ... Breaking:
Rumor has it that Keith Olbermann, MSNBC's leading south end of a northbound horse, has suffered a stroke in the wake of the Massachusetts election returns.

James Young again ... The first break in the wall:
In light of Senator-elect Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts, Senator Jim Webb AKA Senator Thinskin (D-WaPo) has declared that the Senate should suspend all votes until Brown is sworn in. Apparently, the first Democrat to see the handwriting on the wall.

Chris Beer at Mason Conservative ... Tim Kaine:
Odds on how long he stays at the DNC? Will the Dems push the panic button and look for someone who really knows what they are doing? Or will they let him help lead the party over the cliff in 2010?

Chris Beer again ... Next:
Senator Reid. Senator Lincoln. Senator Landrieu. Senator Begich. Senator Bayh. Senator Nelson. SENATOR WEBB.

DJ McGuire at Right-Wing Liberal ... Stat of the night:
Number of Republicans elected to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts: 1
Number of Republicans elected to the U.S. Senate from Virginia: 0
Need to fix that.

BlueRidgeGuy at Virginia's 5th District ... Tom, read the writing on the wall:
Congressman Perriello your days are numbered, if the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is any indication and I am sure it is, you will be the one term Tom that we are hoping for. If a Republican can win a seat that was held for 46 years by Senator Ted Kennedy you do not have a prayer in the 5th district. There are not enough liberals in this district to get you another two year term in Washington. If a state that has 3 ½ times the number of Democrats than Republicans can’t elect a liberal to a seat that was held by the Liberal Lion than you are gone from the 5th.

Michael at The Write Side of My Brain ... The Massachusetts Miracle:
You didn’t listen to the town halls. You didn’t listen to the Tea Parties. Listen now, hear the roar of the voters.

Schilling Show ... Kristin Szakos: Free pizza and phone calls for Coakley:
Neophyte Charlottesville City Councilor, Kristin Szakos, played party host to a phone bank event this evening on behalf of Massachusetts Democrat Senatorial candidate, Martha Coakley. Held at the home of newly selected Charlottesville Democrat party co-chair, Jim Nix, the gathering was sponsored by Organizing for America, an offshoot of the Democrat National Committee.

Brian at Too Conservative ... Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts:
This is pretty amazing. Who would have thought a month ago that a Republican would be sitting in the chair Ted Kennedy had been sitting in for the better part of a century?

Phil Chroniger at Now at the Podium ... Early Brown/Coakley Results In, and I'm Calling It:
Rep. Steny Hoyer (MD) stated that Brown's surge shows how upset voters are with Republicans ... huh?

Myron at Republitarian ... Jim Webb attempts to save seat:
According to Drudge, Jim Webb says that the senate should suspend all votes on health care legislation until after the new senator from Massachusetts is seated.

On a personal note, I have to respectfully disagree with a post by Garrett Watson titled I have a new found respect for Sen. Webb. Sorry, Garrett, but I don't have a new-found respect for our senator. Jim Webb had plenty of time to step to the plate before now. He refused to hold townhall meetings so constituents could question him about health care, he has ducked out of meetings with Virginians, and has been pretty much AWOL the entire process. Now he steps up when he sees a deep blue Senate seat fall in Massachusetts and wants to save his own hide. He needs to be replaced.

I had some thoughts on all that unfolded Tuesday night as Republican Scott Brown won in Massachusetts here at SWAC Girl. It was a good night for Republicans, the Tea Party Patriots, and conservatives. Now we have more work to do ... roll up those sleeves ... we cannot rest. Never, never give up!

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GarrettWatson said...

Hey, Lynn I do not disagree that Webb needs to go ASAP, though I have respect that he said no votes until Brown is seated, It is the first non-partisan thing that has come out of Webb's mouth since he was elected in 2006, though he most likely only said it to appear as a moderate, when he is really far left leaning, it shows that he has a more independent streak then some of the other senators and a much bigger independent streak then Mark Warner.

In the health care amendment votes, Webb did vote with the GOP a number of times, though he still voted for cloture and for the bill.

Also, as a note I personally despise Webb, so for him gaining a little respect, sure doesn't put him anywhere, and I would never vote for him.