Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bearing Drift endorses MITT ROMNEY for President 2012

Bearing Drift has endorsed Mitt Romney for President 2012, a decision I heartily agree with after following the process that has narrowed through debates, controversy, media scrutiny, and primaries. Mitt Romney for President? Absolutely!

Bearing Drift's editorial noted:
Each candidate has strengths and weaknesses, but we feel Romney has emerged as the only candidate with the ability, organization, skill and leadership to both beat the President in November and to govern America well.
Instead of hope and change, it’s time for America to get some good, old fashioned competence.
Good, solid reasoning went into this decision. I would invite you to read the entire editorial.


smitty1e said...

I fall well short of enthusiasm, but, should he take the nomination, I will support Mitt.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

And likewise here. I'll get behind whomever the Republican nominee is because I don't want to think about four more years of Obama.