Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snowboarding at Massanutten ... SWAC Daughter & SWAC Niece on the slopes

SWAC Daughter instructs SWAC Niece on snowboarding techniques. This was three years ago ... it's that time of year again.

SWAC Niece's rental board (left) beside SWAC Daughter's Palmer board.

Bindings ... check. Balance ... check.

SWAC Daughter helping her younger cousin.

February 2009 ... Chesterfield County schools were out recently so my sister drove up with SWAC Niece for a long weekend in the Valley which included a day of snowboarding at Massanutten.

It was a perfect winter day ... overcast, snowy, and cold. All slopes were open at Massanutten; temp when we arrived was 20 degrees and would climb to 25 for a high.

SWAC Daughter has been boarding for a while, and her younger cousin has been anxious try it. The two girls got on the snow and SWAC Daughter started instructing SWAC Niece in balance, maneuvers, turns, stops ... patiently teaching all the techniques necessary to successfully traverse the slopes.

SWAC Niece listened, followed instructions, and got it immediately. As SWAC Daughter headed for the chair lift to do more advanced boarding, SWAC Niece headed to lessons to be sure she had a good handle on what she was doing and, when finished, both girls took to the chair lift to try an easy slope.

I was amazed at SWAC Niece because her balance was great and she was keeping up for her first time on a board. SWAC Daughter was zipping over the snow in her usual way.

The winter's not over and we'll be back.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
February 2009

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