Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fulcrum Concepts to bring 31 new jobs to King & Queen County

Governor Bob McDonnell announced today that Fulcrum Concepts LLC, a veteran-owned small business that provides full spectrum integrated solutions to customers with unique tactical requirements, will invest $4.6 million to establish an operation in King and Queen County at the Middle Peninsula Regional Airport.

The company will provide aircraft integration of specialized weaponry and avionics as well as maintenance operations. They will also provide tactical ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) training for both military and civilian special operations personnel. The project will create 31 new jobs over the next 36 months.

In a press release speaking about today’s announcement, Governor McDonnell said:
“Fulcrum Concepts is a fascinating specialty company made up almost exclusively of retired Army Special Operations personnel that performs vital services for both military and civilian operations. The company serves a unique niche that is in growing demand, and King and Queen County’s Middle Peninsula Regional Airport provides a convenient location to accommodate Fulcrum’s growth. The addition of 31 new jobs paying above the average prevailing wage is also tremendous news for the region.”
The Commonwealth's Secretary of Commerce and Grade, Jim Cheng, added:
“I warmly welcome Fulcrum Concepts to King and Queen County, and congratulate the company on the important work they do to help keep our country safe. With this unique project the infrastructure put in place at the Middle Peninsula Regional Airport will not only serve Fulcrum, but will also position the airport and nearby property for future economic growth. I am confident that the company will build on its momentum from King and Queen County, and will find a solid workforce in the strong military presence in Virginia.”
Fulcrum Concepts is a company focused on providing professional services to the Department of Defense, Homeland Defense, and Law Enforcement.

Fulcrum Concepts was established with the vision of building an organization of high quality personnel with an extraordinary depth and variety of real-world experience. The qualities that made Fulcrum personnel highly effective war-fighters and corporate leaders prior to joining the Fulcrum team are fundamental to success in any endeavor—leadership, problem solving, and establishing a shared vision.

All Fulcrum personnel are former Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel who trained and fought together in mutually supporting roles over the last 25 years. Many Fulcrum personnel also spent time in some of the largest Defense Corporations as successful Directors and Program Managers before moving to Fulcrum.

Fulcrum Concepts' managing member Michael S. Zinanni expressed the company's satisfaction with their decision, and noted:
“Virginia provides an excellent environment for many of the core interests of Fulcrum Concepts, and the Hampton Roads area is one of the largest concentrations of military in the country. This provides Fulcrum Concepts with a great customer base, as well as a large pool of skilled individuals.

"The Middle Peninsula Regional Airport Authority, King and Queen County and the neighboring localities definitely contributed to Fulcrum Concepts' decision to relocate to the airport due to the business-friendly environment. The airport has come under outstanding professional management, enhanced airport service and navigational aid improvement, and significant infrastructure improvements to include a runway and taxiway resurface able to accommodate a wide variety of aircraft. The vision for growth is in line with our desire to bring top quality professional service to our customers and community.”
The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with King and Queen County and the Virginia Department of Aviation to secure the project for Virginia. Governor McDonnell approved a grant of at least $100,000 from the Governor’s Opportunity Fund to assist King and Queen County with the project. The company may also qualify for additional funds through the Virginia Department of Transportation. Through its Virginia Jobs Investment Program, the Virginia Department of Business Assistance will provide funding and services to support the company’s recruitment and training activities.

The chairperson of the King and Queen County Board of Supervisors, Sherrin Alsop, expressed the county's delight with the new business locating there.
“We are quite proud that Fulcrum Concepts has selected to locate its Corporate Headquarters in King and Queen County.

“Fulcrum Concepts will be a great asset to the County and fits perfectly with our vision for sustained economic growth. We believe that Fulcrum will be the catalyst that moves the Middle Peninsula Regional Airport from a successful General Aviation facility to an economic development engine for the region.”
Citing the efforts of the County, the Governor, the Secretary of Commerce and Trade, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Virginia Department of Aviation, Alsop added, "This is truly a team effort with a wonderful result. We greatly look forward to our partnership with Fulcrum Concepts and welcome their fine staff to the King and Queen community."

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