Friday, January 13, 2012

McDonnell heading to South Carolina

As candidates head to South Carolina and the eyes of the nation watch in the days going into the next primary, Virginia's Governor Bob McDonnell is also heading south.

On Saturday, January 14, the Governor will participate in Congressman Tim Scott's "First in the South Presidential Town Hall Series" in Myrtle Beach. Check the website for more information.

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Bob K. said...

Mr. Romney, Here's Your Vice President

Alright, it is a bit premature, but if I were picking my running mate right now I'd be putting Bob McDonnell on my short list. His gubernatorial experience would be very complimentary to Mitt's and you'd have a Southern executive who's successfully reigned in a state budget and accellerated real priorities to create one of the best meccas for job growth in the country.

McDonnell also can create a real connection with the 'Values Voters' and the Tea Party people.

He'll also connect well with the 'Romney Democrats,' remember 'Reagan Democrats,' Look for the same phenomenom in 2012. I look for a lot of dissatisfied Democrats who will be looking for a place to land. Don't expect the MSM to mention them until after the fact.