Sunday, January 08, 2012

George Allen ... listening to Virginia's citizens

January 8, 2012

Dear Friends,

On Friday, it was invigorating to converse with and hear from the highly-skilled, thoughtful people at the Micron Technology semiconductor fabrication facility in Manassas.  They are a prime example of Virginia's leadership in world class, cutting edge technology and innovation.

They are showing that Virginia and America can compete with anyone in the world on a level playing field.

Micron Technology, then Toshiba-IBM's Dominion Semiconductor, is a company that I worked hard to recruit to Virginia  during my service as Governor and now employs over 1,800 Virginians at their Manassas facility.

Before we recruited Dominion Semiconductor to Manassas, there were no computer memory chips manufactured in Virginia - now, they're our top manufactured export.  Micron Virginia's leader told me that the overwhelming majority of the microchips presently fabricated in Manassas are exported to Asia!


We recruited this great job-producing business and many other businesses by creating a pro-job growth economic environment with reduced taxes, affordable energy prices and prompt permitting to encourage investment in safe communities with capable, well-educated and productive people. That is the essence of opportunity in Virginia and America.

The men and women of the Micron team are a prime example of why I am so enthusiastic in advocating my Blueprint for America's Comeback. These are proven solutions that will create hundreds of thousands of jobs by reducing the taxes on job creators, unleashing our energy resources and reining in the over-regulating federal government.

With the right economic, regulatory, energy and education policies, we can and must send a message to the world that America is Open for Business Again!

Hope you have a moment to watch a short message about my visit.  

Envisioning a better future,

George Allen

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