Monday, January 16, 2012

It's official: Huntsman suspends campaign, backs Romney

In a televised announcement Monday morning, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman officially suspended his campaign for president.  News of his plans began leaking Sunday night and spread like wildfire throughout blogs and mainstream media outlets.

Huntsman threw his support behind fellow candidate former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney who won the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, and is currently polling in first place leading up to Saturday's South Carolina primary.

Part of Huntsman's remarks as he stepped aside and endorsed Mitt Romney included the following:
America is more divided than ever, and for our nation to move forward together with new leadership and unite, the Republican Party must first unite.

Today I am suspending my campaign and supporting the candidate who is best-equipped to defeat the president and return conservative leadership to the White House: Governor Mitt Romney.
Norm Leahy at Bearing Drift has his own thoughts about Huntsman dropping out.

Meanwhile, tonight's presidential debate from Myrtle Beach will have one less participant.

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