Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013 Primary Final Results

The Races and the Winners:
For Democrats, Tuesday is the opportunity to vote for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General candidates. The gubernatorial choice is already in place -- Terry McAuliffe -- because no one stepped up to challenge him.

That leaves two choices for lieutenant governor: State Senator Ralph Northam (D-6th Senate District) and Aneesh Chopra who is a techie guy out of the Obama administration.

Also two choices for attorney general: State Senator Mark Herring (D-33rd Senate District), and former federal prosecutor Justin Fairfax.

If you're a Republican, the Top Three candidates were chosen for you at the recent Republican Party of Virginia convention in Richmond: Ken Cuccinelli for Governor, E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor, and Mark Obenshain for Attorney General.

Republicans have eight contested House of Delegates races:
- 15th District: Incumbent Todd Gilbert versus Mark Prince
- 16th District - Open Seat: Les Adams versus Ken Bowman
- 28th District: Incumbent Speaker of the House Bill Howell versus Craig Ennis
- 29th District: Incumbent Beverly Sherwood versus Mark Berg
- 33rd District: Incumbent Joe May versus David LaRock
- 54th District: Incumbent Bobby Orrock versus Dustin Curtis
- 6th District: Jeffrey Campbell versus Jack Weaver
- 85th District: Scott Taylor vs Gary Byler vs Jeremy Waters

Democrats have three contested House of Delegates races:
- 63rd District: Evandra Thompson versus Rosalyn Dance
- 86th District: Jennifer Boysko versus Herbert Kemp
- 90th District: Rick James versus Algie Howell, Jr.

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