Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yard work

As a lively breeze rustles the leaves on the trees beside the deck, the overcast, comfortably cool 73 degrees makes me long for more days like this but I know that won't be. The first day of summer is tomorrow and we're in for some scorchers before fall rolls around but for now it's nice to relax.

All the rain this spring has been welcomed especially since we will soon go into a dry period ... but it has certainly caused everything to grow! Our shady paradise was threatening to become an overgrown jungle, and so we've spent the past two days limbing, weeding, trimming, and generally regaining control over the many trees and bushes that dot our property.

Next-door, the sound of the neighbor's tractor could be heard as he cut and baled his field. Tonight, I'm a tired puppy, but it's a satisfied tired as I look out over the day's accomplishments.

While weeding one of the flower gardens, I came across this little fella who remained motionless, assured that I could not see him.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
June 19-20, 2013

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