Monday, June 10, 2013

Waynesboro Circuit Court Clerk will not release concealed weapon permit info to RPV

Last Friday Ryan Nobles at Richmond's NBC TV-12 reported that the Republican Party of Virginia had submitted FOIAs to state Circuit Court Clerks for the names and contact information of concealed weapon permit holders.

Today he reported that at least twelve clerks would not be releasing that info including the local city of Waynesboro.

Nobles wrote:
Last Friday, we broke the news that the RPV had requested the personal information of hundreds of thousands of permit holders to communicate their political message to them leading up to the fall elections. The RPV was legally allowed to ask for the material, but in less than a month the release of that information will become illegal.

The new law to seal the records of permit holders was passed in the 2o13 Virginia General Assembly session and was sponsored and championed by the Republican nominee for Attorney General, Sen. Mark Obenshain.
Clerks who were reported as denying RPV's request represented the localities of Waynesboro, Dinwiddie, Winchester, Hopewell, Colonial Heights, Chesterfield, Southampton, Suffolk, Middlesex,Isle of Wight, Bedford, and Prince George.

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